A unique approach for elite athletes. Enhance your mindset, body, & game!

A unique approach for elite athletes. Enhance your mindset, body, & game!

A unique approach for elite athletes. Enhance your mindset, body, & game!A unique approach for elite athletes. Enhance your mindset, body, & game!A unique approach for elite athletes. Enhance your mindset, body, & game!


What separates the best from the rest is having a champion's mindset. As a pro, you have an elite-level skillset to play basketball, baseball, or football. Work on your mind and your ability to be present and in the zone in order to be the best. 

However, it's not that easy. That's where we come in. The inner workings of your mind may cause you to unknowingly self sabotage your success. That's why we blend epigenetics and energy healing work with sports mental performance techniques. It's fascinating, really. Energetically release the old traumas that your ancestors experienced that you may not even be aware of. Epigenetic player development is based on the most recent and up-to-date science and possibilities that molecular biologists and gene specialists have discovered. Let the science improve your game! Turn off the epigenetic marker that blocks your success and vibrant wellness.

From Coach Laura's book Cosmic Athlete: "A Conscious, liberated athlete plays for the journey, and still wins championships."

Athlete and coach benefits

Players are more consistent, resilient and confident


Players reach beyond perceived potential to actual potential. They get to be their IDEAL SELVES.

Players access the alpha zone ON COMMAND.


Player will access the zone in less than a minute with this work. Intuition and flow will follow!

Players are physically and mentally healthier


We work with all five bodies for holistic wellness: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and cosmic.

About Our Founder Laura M. Wilde

An NBA Team's Mental Performance Coach ~ Works with other pros and Team Execs ~ Author of The Cosmic Athlete


Creator, Epigenetic Sports Medicine™ and Epigenetic Player Development™, Practitioner: Sports Energy Psychology



(Sports) Medical Intuitive, Sports MetaPhysician™ . Meditation & Mindfulness Trainer. NBA Playoffs-Level Mental Resilience Coach

(Sports) Medical Intuitive


More about Coach laura

Fast track healing for sports Injuries, Holistic Sports Medicine and Holistic Sports Nutrition


Alpha Zone Training Specialist


Laura teaches you how to tap into your intuition and use a larger capacity of your brain. Think...Jedi mind training. Take the class! click here for more info.

Former NCAA Head Coach & NCAA Two-sport Scholarship Athlete



UPLEVEL YOUR GAME with Sports Mental Performance (SMP)


Win Sustainable Championships

When you add the missing technology (Sports MetaPhysics) to your team - you'll realize how much true potential you're leaving on the table! With Sports MetaPhysics you'll create a sustainable winning plan. If it really was as simple and easy as getting a franchise player in free agency, "working harder" hiring a new coach, getting a top draft pick or getting a new training room - everyone would do that and we’d have the Championship Formula.  But  you  know  that  you  must  set  yourself  apart  from  the  rest  of  the  pack  and  create  the  perfect  storm.  Using  Sports  MetaPhysics  is  the  way  because  doing the things everyone  else  does  won’t  give you  the edge that team owners and execs hope  for. Only one team can win it all. So you MUST be the one team that is adding the missing ingredient. Go beyond where the others have gone. Try Sports MetaPhysics. You'll see...Besides  when  you  raise  the  frequency  of  your  team  it  will  feel  a  bit  magical  and  you’ll  be  In  a  position  to  attract  the  free  agents  everyone  wants  -  or  the  draft  lottery  pick  you  didn’t  expect.


Why Sports Mental Performance - The Best Must Hire the Best

You spend millions of dollars on technology, analytics, sports science, sports performance,  strength and conditioning, trainers, therapists, nutritionists, chefs, player development, player programs and visiting your players when they are out of market. Why not spend on a valuable resource that will set you far apart from the rest? 

We help players be consistent and focused. We create programs that help athletes go from their current self to their IDEAL SELVES. 

We help players' injuries heal more quickly. (Informed people understand the massive benefit of mind-body sports medicine. 

People who haven't read the science may still dispute this AND be threatened by the new paradigm in sports medicine.) It's okay. Our results speak for themselves. Sports Medicine is changing .

Few teams are keeping up with the newest in mind-body medicine.

We also help players, coaches, and staff be more resilient, purposeful and more consistent in their work and in their lives. People Unleash their Genius! 


A Paradigm Shifting Disruptor for Pro Sports

Sports Mental Performance the way WE do it is a paradigm shifter. It's a disruption to the usual way athletes and teams handle (or more often- DON'T handle) mental performance, mental wellness, mental resilience and holistic healing for players' injuries. 

What separates the great players from the greatest players? Consciousness....and  the  ability  to  get  into  the  zone  on  command.  Sports Consciousness is what most people in pro sports have a paradigm blindness to.

Want to get in the zone in under  1  minute  - on command?

We help players

1. Get into the zone quickly and easily

2.  (gently) Break down and dissolve the walls and blocks so players move past fear, doubt, worry and inconsistency and be their Ideal Selves...even if they don't know the wall and those blocks exist... 

Then they will have a higher frequency. They'll play better, be more positive and be healthier.  Don't worry if you think your players are hard-headed or closed minded. We don't work  through talk therapy. We go to the SupraMind -and work at the intuitive level -  beyond the ego so it always works on some level.  The player who had issues ceases to exist and becomes his or her Ideal Self. And that helps them be better in every area of their lives. This work is holistic, powerful, profound and available  to the FEW who choose innovation, move past their paradigm blindness and are forward-thinking enough to incorporate this unique blend of mind/body work into their team.

Why People Doubt This Profound and Distinctive Work

The western sports medicine industry takes awhile to accept new ideas and new science shortcuts for healing sports injuries. This is called having a premature cognitive commitment. In other words - before trying to understand an idea people don’t know about - some will discount the idea that the new science is effective. Sadly, they then lose all possibilities of having their injured and frustrated players enjoy the often very fast benefits of this work - much of which is just last five years of scientifically backed work. Most tragically is that this can cost a team wins, potentially millions of dollars, a Championship and will certainly cost players time, joy and of course, millions of dollars. 

The left (cerebral) hemisphere of the brain is largely responsible for creating a coherent belief system in order to maintain a sense of continuity in our lives. New experiences get folded into the pre-existing belief system. For closed minded people - when they don't fit, the new experiences are simply denied. 

The young players don't question the new science - it's often the older executives that have the biggest challenge in being forward thinkers. You know what I mean.

Most importantly, truly informed people know and understand. This is a new day for healing and mental performance and mental resilience for elite athletes. 

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This work is unique and profound. We work with the people who are ready and willing to get it. Resistance is not the answer to winning a World Championship. If you're seriously interested in learning more (most people in pro sports aren't ready so you'll have to be of an advanced and open mindset - not "we've always done it this way" or "our team is fearful of change") please reach out for a consultation.

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